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Enter your prospects LinkedIn profile and our system will automatically determine their personality type based on their posts, job titles, skills, endorsements and much more.

Once we determine their personality, we will provide you with simple tips on how to connect with this specific person based on deep human psychology.

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Know Their Personality Type in Advance

Sell more effectively by saving time and build trust by addressing what the prospect really cares about.

Build Better Rapport

Connect better by speaking their “language.” This builds trust, making the prospect more likely to buy.

Close More Deals

Pinpoint their needs and make the sales pitch more effective. Turn more leads into actual customers, faster.

Build Better Human Connections. Close More Deals.

People buy from people they like and can connect with.

Don’t leave it up to chance, know your buyer ahead of the meeting.

Get detailed tips on what to do and not do in the meeting with this specific person.

Every person is Different.

The DISC model is a psychological framework specifically focused on understanding human behavior and personality in various contexts, most commonly in the workplace.

DISC stands for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness, which are the four primary personality traits that the model aims to measure.


Assertive and goal-oriented, “D” types are focused on results and efficiency. They are natural leaders but may come across as impatient or insensitive.


Outgoing and enthusiastic, “I” types excel in social interactions and are often persuasive. They are great motivators but may lack attention to detail.


Reliable and calm, “S” types value stability and are good team players. They are generally reserved and may struggle with change or high-pressure situations.


Detail-oriented & analytical, “C” they excel in roles requiring precision & planning. They value facts & logic but may be seen as overly cautious.

Why It Works

Human behavior can be categorized into a few primary personality traits, which are relatively stable.

Understanding these traits is crucial for personal development and improving interpersonal relationships.

While each individual possesses a unique blend of these traits, one or two often dominate and can be predictive of a person’s behavior, especially in sales interactions.

Easy to use for any sales team

How it Works?

SimplyKnow uses artificial intelligence to analyze your buyers social media to determine their personality type based on the DISC personality assessment.

1. Enter Your Prospects LinkedIn

On the main page of the dashboard, enter the LinkedIn profile of the person you want to analyze.

2. Get Detailed Personality Assessment

SimplyKnow will provide a detailed review of their personality type based on the DISC assessment.

3. Get actionable & easy to follow tips on how to sell to this specific person

Get 8-10 actionable tips on what to do and not do when selling to this specific person.

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